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10 Things to Know Before Purchasing a Home Security System

Many consumers are interested in home security, and it’s no wonder with a break-in happening every thirteen seconds. However, you should educate yourself before shelling out cash for equipment or monitoring. Read on for ten things you should know about home security before you spend your hard-earned money. Image via Flickr/Ira Sniel Continue to original […]

Consumer Report: What a DIY Home Security System Truly Costs

Many companies advertise a cheap starter kit for their DIY home security systems, but will this truly serve your needs? Many times, the answer is no. Check out this brief from Consumer Reports to learn more about what you should really expect to pay for DIY home security. Image via Flickr/Pictures of Money Continue to […]

It’s Possible to Find Affordable Home Security You Can Install On Your Own

Do you need an affordable home security option you can install on your own? You’re not alone! That’s why more and more companies are offering cheap home security. Read on to learn about five brands that can help you protect your family without breaking the bank. Image via Flickr/Eva Galesloot Continue to original source.

Consumer Review: The Best Value in DIY Home Security

Everyone wants a safe and secure home, but many high-priced security companies simply aren’t an option for the average consumer. This review of an up-and-coming company in the DIY home security industry offers an educated opinion on great service at an affordable price. Image via Flickr/Randy Johnson Continue to original source.

How to Choose the Right Baby Monitor

As you know, your precious baby requires constant monitoring. It makes you think that a baby monitor is a necessity. A baby monitor is a device that allows you to see and hear your little one when they’re in another room. The cost of a baby monitor depends on the type of monitor you want. […]

Are you a Pet Parent? Get a Pet Camera

Using a pet camera can be very handy for those who have pets and want to see what’s happening when they’re not home. It’s usually installed lower than other cameras and it allows you to tap into a live feed to check on your pet. Some pet cameras cost around $150. Others can cost as […]

What if your Mind could be Uploaded Online?

Could mind uploading expand human experience into a virtual afterlife? What is mind uploading? Think about a person’s brain being scanned and recreated in  computer simulation. This person’s memories, emotions and personality can be duplicated and a new version of that person can be created in an immortal, digital form. What will happen in that […]

New Parent? Be Smart about your Spending

Are you a new mummy or daddy? Keep reading for small tips that will help you cut down on expenses for your little one. Try to limit online shopping and only order the must-have items on the web (e.g. diapers and formula in bulk) and pick brands that don’t charge a service fee and offer […]

Throw a Party on a Small Budget

You don’t need to break the bank to throw a party and be a great entertainer. Follow these tips if you want to throw smashing parties and save money. Use Simple Invitations. Why not use email invites using Evite or Facebook? They’re free to send and allow your friends the option to RSVP. Don’t overspend […]

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