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The Future of Smartphones

Technology has been growing rapidly. Nowadays, our smartphone has large touchscreen displays, impressive cameras, and high-tech features. So, what will be the evolution of smartphones? Keep reading for some predictions on what the future holds for our phones. Perhaps in the future we’ll be able to use a smartphone with our thoughts. The technology will […]

What if your Mind could be Uploaded Online?

Could mind uploading expand human experience into a virtual afterlife? What is mind uploading? Think about a person’s brain being scanned and recreated in  computer simulation. This person’s memories, emotions and personality can be duplicated and a new version of that person can be created in an immortal, digital form. What will happen in that […]

How does the Internet Shape our Everyday Life

In this century, the rise of the Internet and mobile communications have created an always-online globalised society. Social media networks have changed the way we communicate, interact, and share experiences with others. People also use the Internet to create limitless learning opportunities and it’s now a powerful tool for education. The rapid growth of the […]

How to Save Money on Food

Implement 9 clever tips to save money on food without sacrificing nutrition: Write a shopping list with all you need taking into account your menu plan. Eat healthy food and surely you’ll reduce your budget. Purchase fruit and vegetables that are in season as they’re cheaper. Don’t forget to check for sales and coupons. Pack […]

6 Must-Know Ways to Save Money on Clothes

Clothes can be cool and expressive, but also expensive. Here’s a step-by-step guide to shopping without emptying the bank. Instead of spending on 10 cheap bikinis, buy one very well made swimsuit that will last for years. Use accessories to add style to your old outfits. Check the tag before you buy. If there is […]

How to save money: A step-by-step guide

Follow this step-by-step guide to create the budgeting habits you need to save money. Think about what you spend and use an app to keep track of your expenses. When you know how much you spend in a month, try to plan your spending and budget for savings. If you spend a lot and can’t […]

Does Your Homeowner Insurance Cover You for Colder Days?

Winter weather such as snow, water, and ice can cause property damage. Unfortunately, some of that damage may not be covered by your homeowner’s insurance policy. If you want to protect your home from winter weather risks keep reading this article. Are you ready for snow? A heavy snowfall can damage your home. Make sure […]

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