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Tips for Getting Your First Credit Card

If you’re trying to get your first credit card, it’s important to have a few considerations beforehand. Here are some things to keep in mind. Determine why you want a credit card in the first place. Consider if you have financial means. Consider a secured card. Ensure you read any fine print. Consider your credit […]

Benefits to Credit Card Chips

Not only are credit card chips great for reducing fraud and credit card hacking, there are many other benefits to this new piece of technology that we’re all slowly transitioning over to in the U.S. Prevent card swipe theft. Shady retailers and cashiers will sometimes that your card and swipe it in an additional card […]

An Intro to Bitcoin

You may have heard the term “bitcoin” being thrown around a lot, especially lately. But many do not understand what it actually means. Satoshi Nakamoto, an alias for an unknown person, created Bitcoin back in 2009 as an alternative currency. You can use bitcoins to purchase items, book flights, and for other reasons all without […]

6 Benefits of Using Solar Power

 Are you frustrated with your high energy bills and want to make a change? Maybe you have contemplated using solar power but just don’t know enough about it and the benefits it creates. Check out the benefits of using solar power for your home! Solar power saves you money – Putting solar PV panels on […]

3 Expensive Winter Homeowner’s Insurance Claims

During the winter months, homeowners’ insurance claims tend to skyrocket. Repairs are costly, so it’s best to do whatever is possible to avoid common winter claims. One of the most common insurance claims is frozen, broken pipes. Winter months can cause damage through pipe freezing. The average cost of a claim is $7,479. Another common […]

Two Things That Will Plummet Your Home’s Value

When it comes to real estate, the most important factor has always been and will always be location, location, location. If you’re in an undesirable location, it will impact your home’s value. A poor value makes it harder to sell. There are certain landmarks that have an effect on your home’s value. They include: Emergency rooms – If your […]

Products for Testing Your Home

Statistics show that there is at least one home invasion every 15 seconds. Many of those times, the home owner is present. It makes sense then that so many homeowners are looking for solutions to stay safe. Check out these great affordable products recommended by consumers, industry experts and security professionals. They are guaranteed to […]

Why You Shouldn’t Ignore a Credit Score Because It Has a Fee

Just because a credit card has a fee doesn’t mean it’s something you should overlook and rule out. Here are some reasons why you should reconsider those cards. There can be large welcome bonuses. They offer better rewards. There aren’t foreign transaction fees. There are extra benefits. Travel credits offset fees. There are anniversary awards. […]

How to Raise Your Credit Score

It’s no secret that credit scores have a huge impact on your life and can help make things a lot easier, especially when your score is higher. The UltraFICO credit score launched in January, and the plan is for it to be more broadly available halfway through the year. It could potentially boost scores for millions of people […]

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